Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love yourself!!!

Do you ever just stop and think—upon my word! I love myself! Or maybe you think about something you have passion for, reading, writing, collecting coke bottles, painting, or …perhaps say, gardening? If such a passion is yours, do you think about your lovely beds of snowdrops and get an excited tingle within your heart? Do you gaze in proud pleasure at the blissful battalion of tulips and watch just how perfectly the sun makes their vibrant rosy petals catch your eye as you meander pass? Or perhaps it is the cascades of  indigo morning glories as they cling to arching trestles over the entrance of your yard? Do you sit out in your garden and listen to the quiet, giggling of the pansies? What about the lovely, delicate whispers of the pale roses? Isn't it an incredible feeling to be completely in love with what you love?

I will be quite honest with you, dear readers, some days I very much love myself. Not in the braggadocio, I am better than you way, but in the quiet, happy, content way. I come into my room and turn on my little twinkle lights—I feel then as my world transforms into a secretive splendid fairy world, a hidden dream within a star. I say "hello" to dear Victoria, my dragon, and sit down to write. Sometimes I turn my blog music on, and if you must know, I am rather an epic soundtrack addict. I feel this music reminds one of  memories, long forgotten; of dreams ready to be awakened; and of course of adventures about to be lived! I love it so much.

I absolutely love blogging. I love writing. I love the escape, I love everything about all the things that I love. I love all the beautiful old pictures of art I have, I love the pictures of dragons, of princesses, of anything that inspires the imagination to take one more step farther away from reality. I love everything that I love! My world is so complex and magical with all these colorful treasures I keep in my heart. How dull and meaningless would life be if I didn’t have any of them? What if all I worried about was working? Making money? Or schooling? What if I was merely obsessed with getting the grade? What if it was social? What if all I cared about was making friends, silly, fair weather friends just for the status of being popular? Goodness would I ever trade my few, close, special friends for a handful of friends who really were more interested then themselves than other people? In the words of St. Paul, “may it never be!”

Whatever your passions are, whatever your talents, your inspirations—let your entire mind be captivated with the gifts God has given you! If he gave you the hand of the painter, paint something beautiful! If he gave you the words of the writer, write something amazing! If he gave you the heart of an encourager, encourage people with all your might! If he gave you the skill of a baker, make lots and lots of cookies! (and  then send me some, if you please!) It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect. You just simply must try. If you never give up trying, you will never be a failure.

Love yourself! You are worth the love. God loved you enough to give his Son to die so you will be with him someday. You have been specially imagined by God before you were even born. From his own imagination, he thought you up. He knew what you would look like, how your voice would sound, how strong your heart would be. Sometimes I wonder who inspires God’s creativity… it’s all from him, isn’t it? That certainly is something to wrap your head around….

Whatever you love in life, love it with all your heart!  Love yourself, dear readers! Though I don’t know all of you, I am pretty sure each and every one of you has something incredible to love about yourself!


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