Love's Philosophy

Love’s Philosophy
 (All opinions are subject to change as I may grow, mature, and realize that everything I thought before is ridiculous)
  1. "Never chase after a man or a bus, another one will always come along". Don't ever chase a person. If they love you they will come after you too. Don't fret too long if they don't though. God made millions of people. 
    2. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"~ Eleanor Roosevelt. You have the power to say goodbye to someone who doesn't make you feel like a million smiles.
    3. Falling in love shouldn't feel like trying to shove a square into a round hole. Love should flow naturally and smoothly like the Force. Listen to your instincts deep inside. If you feel like something is off with a relationship, it probably is.
    4. Don't give up so quickly on people. Realize your relationship needs are subject to change. I once thought I could never marry a certain crush of my mine because he was not a morning person like me. Oh silly, silly girl. Consider people. Try someone who is not your usual "type." You may just discover that what you thought you wanted isn't what you really need and what you need is never what you thought you would come to want! 
    ( makes perfect sense, no?)
5. Never give away your whole heart to a person. Better to give it away in little pieces. Then if you must take it back it won’t hurt as badly had you parted with the whole treasure all at once. Hearts don’t bend or move or adjust themselves with ease. Take care of it. It is fragile and dear. Protect it! Why else would God put your heart in your rib cage? 

6. "Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right." Song of Solomon 8:4

7. Do not be deceived by the enchantments of infatuation. Just because you finish each others sentences does not make you soul mates. Just because you might think the same thoughts at the same time, or like the same flavor of frozen yogurt, or even look together like a match made in heaven, this does not necessarily mean you are meant for each other. Be wise. Watch out for the black magic of fairytale love. Become best friends before boy/girl friends. 
8. Leave "Love at first sight" for shoe shopping, not man shopping.

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